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Purismio Premium Protection
More than a cosmetic. Purismio is a combination of disinfecting substances with natural plant extracts, which not only support the fight against bacteria and viruses but also protect and moisturize our skin! Check out our timeless fragrance lines.

The most innovative way of disinfection

Our brand's mission is to provide
our clients with an unprecedented
of skin disinfection

Protective Line

The Purismio line of products consists of fully certified products with laboratory skin tests, made of the highest quality ingredients.

Hand Serum

A universal 2-in-1 product combining disinfecting and caring effects. Intended for hygienic hand disinfection in the medical field, in industrial and home conditions. Dermatologically tested. Effective against bacteria and viruses.

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The perfect recipe guarantees
outstanding product

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See also our classic line
PURISMIO Protective Serume

Protective Mist

The primary ingredients are rosemary extract and high-quality ethanol (73%) which are an optimal proportion for viricidal and antibacterial effects. Our revolutionary antiviral and antibacterial mist can be applied directly on the skin, face and other surfaces such as phones, door handle, steering wheels, hopping baskets, keyboards, clothes and others...

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Protective Gel

A specialized product with prolonged bactericidal and virucidal properties. Contains a substance that protects against excessive drying of the skin. For use in hygienic hand disinfection in the medical field, in industrial and domestic settings.

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